About Emissions Advantage

Emissions Advantage (EA) was established as a nonprofit corporation to provide education, training, and program/financial/technical assistance to organizations involved in developing and implementing strategies to reduce pollutant emissions, greenhouse gases and energy/fuel use, with an emphasis on existing diesel-powered engines, vehicles, and equipment. Clients include the U.S. EPA, state/local governments, fleet operators, industrial producers, non-government organizations, community groups, regional air quality agencies, air quality officials, Native American organizations, school districts, Supplemental Environmental Program (SEP) grant recipients and others.

EA staff have demonstrated significant hands-on experience in the development and application of retrofit emission control technologies, and implementation and operational support for low emission technologies in a wide range of vehicle/equipment applications in the U.S. and internationally.

Throughout the U.S., EA has undertaken diesel emission reduction projects involving thousands of on-road vehicles and nonroad equipment of various types (including construction equipment, materials handling equipment, turf maintenance equipment, and marine vessels).

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